SEO Tactics that will not remain the same till the Year 2018

SEO Tactics that will not remain the same till the Year 2018

SEO tactics discussed in this blog are obvious and clear to most people. Yet, you will feel surprised how people commit these mistakes. Some websites are found guilty of following bad SEO strategies and what is more concerning is that many of these tactics did not work properly to begin with.

Though some of them might have worked a bit, their effect did not remain for a long time. And most of them did more harm than good.

There are innumerable SEO tactics that had been popular but have fallen out today.

Let’s go through some examples of SEO strategies that should be avoided in the year 2018 and beyond.

Keyword stuffing – The moment you hear about SEO, the immediate thought that comes to your mind is keyword. Experts of a reputed SEO company India have said, keyword density was the ratio depending on the number of times the keyword had been used than other words on the web page.


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For example, there is a number you want to hit. Thus, the closer you could reach to that number, the better your website would rank, right?

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Well, this is simply rubbish but that’s exactly how people felt during that time.

So, we did what good marketers prefer to do.

Now, if the keyword density of 1% is good, then 5% should be WOW!

This practice turned out to be worse sooner.

Thus, we ultimately ended up with “keyword stuffing” that meant using keywords on the same page for several times.

The good news is that you do not have to include too many keywords into your content. Rather, you should focus more on keyword related topics.

For example, you have one long-tail keyword for each blog post.

This is simply great! Instead of stuffing it repeatedly into your content, try to focus more on the sub-topics and its related ideas. Thus, building out this type of “web” of content will be more beneficial in the long run. You will no more have to worry about getting penalized by Google.

Spammy comments – This is quite a frustrating SEO strategy. You enjoy reading a good blog post and want to go to the comment section. After all, the lengthy discussions in the blog comment are usually more valuable than the content.

Leaving your comments is a great way to build your relation with blog owner and online readers.

However, there might be certain problems when you think of doing this.

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There are various comment platforms that got caught and had been blocked of copying and pasting to increase the number. Unluckily, if your website turns big, you will need to remove spammy comments.

This is why several commenting platforms like WordPress will nofollow these links automatically.

Nofollowed links inform search engines not to pass any authority or give credit to that link.

Thus, spam comments are not only troublesome but they are useless too.

You may prevent this problem by installing WordPress plugin on your website and filter them automatically.

Duplicate and irrelevant content

According to professionals of a reliable SEO agency in India, duplicate content is the one copied from other sources. There is software called “article spinners” that jumbles the words written in web pages and allows you to create new content.  This way, the content can be republished on other sites for getting links to your website.

Another problem is when content is stolen from other sites.

Many times, writers create their own duplicate content without even realizing it.

For example, you will find the same and exact content at different pages on your site.

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This can be damaging as Google might not be aware which web page to pass authority.

Your “credit” gets distributed and split into different pages.

Many times, you might not even know what is happening exactly.

WordPress blog designs can lead to various problems. For example,

See how the intro text appears under the post title

On the one hand, it enables visitors to get a “teaser” before clicking.

However, on the other hand, it can be the reason for creating duplicate content if you are not careful.

There are some advanced and technical ways how you can avoid this by diving into the website’s code.

So, what exactly is a successful SEO strategy? It is the tactics that works today and will work even in 2020 and beyond. It is extremely important to keep a keen eye on the latest SEO strategies and trends. However, experts of a good SEO services company in India have said, you should not take things to the extreme level. Try to add keywords in the anchor text and this principle is applicable for using keywords in the content, comment section and also reusing the same content on several pages.


02 NOV 2017



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